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Players of all skill levels are welcome, and a variety of lesson plans are available. Call us to schedule lessons or a club fitting.Under our instruction, you will learn:

  • Reinforced basics of the golf swing, including grip, stance, and posture and mechanics.
  • Good balance and centeredness of contact, resulting in solid, consistent, and predictable results.
  • On-course management of your game to improve consistency that will make the game more enjoyable.
  • How to promote player enjoyment and lead you in the direction of developing your own style.

Call today to schedule your first lesson!

  • Phone: (507) 697-8050
  • Tyler Pendleton, Director of Golf
  • Cade Schiller, 1st Golf Assistant

(507) 697-8050

31042 County Rd 2
Morton, MN 56270


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